Titles are for Squares.

I'm your friendly neighborhood squid. I draw every once in a while. Imagine that.

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Have a serious bitch of a co-worker. Know she has arachnophobia. Placed an unhatched spider eggsac on the plant on her desk. Now we wait.



Hello my name is Reb, my student loan debt is ridiculous, and I really need a shiny new computer.  YOU can help make this goal a reality by throwing money at me to draw cool things!

  • paypal only
  • I will be happy to draw characters, creatures, monsters, plants, animals, and other such nonsense- but please no gore or porn
  • extra characters are $8 each for color, $5 each for sketches
  • flat color is the only art I’m willing to do background on, but if you really really want a background we can discuss prices.
  • message me if interested, or if you have any questions!

Thanks for your time!  I’ll start with ten slots open and go from there.

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Just a nap

Pero - the little harpy


There was this one really nice day back during senior year when my buddies and I took a break from thesis to go sit out on the grass in Logan Square.  I just kind of faceplanted in the grass the entire time and did not move, letting my hoodie-and-jeans ensemble absorb as much sunlight as possible.  Every so often Squiddie would look over at me and jokingly say things like “Just stay there, Reb!” ”Hang in there, Reb!” ”Everything’s gonna be OK, Reb!”

I think about that day a lot.

You know, I remember that too! And I can’t believe I missed this, I was tumblr-creeping and stumbled upon it. Miss you lots, girl :’(

Considering my low follower count and lack of recent updates, this might be a futile attempt, but I shall attempt a signal boost nonetheless! I’m collaborating with Thoughtcraft games and a couple other super cool artists to make a brand new card game happen! Think it’s just another custom card deck? Think again! Each deck comes with a spiffy set of rules and bag of chips (not the edible kind, sorry) for a brand new, never before concocted, card game full of treachery and 1920’s flair. If we make our goal, not only will you get a totally kickass deck featuring illustrations by yours truly and designs by Thoughtcraft designer Aaron Fleury, but you will also get a sweet looking box (and poster if you contribute enough) illustrated by Kacie Doran, and a complete graphic novel style booklet illustrating the rules by Kelsey Wagner (if we meet our stretch goal!!) 

Check out the link for the details. Some lucky donators (with the budget for it) will have the kickass opportunity to be immortalized in one of the cards as one of six featured face cards! YOU (yes you there) could have your face illustrated onto a playing card as a super cool 1920s mobster! If anything, a great conversational piece.

So check out the link, consider donating a buck or two (you still get something for your troubles) and spread the word to your friends, your friend’s friends, your neighbor, your crazy uncle, your step mom, your 3rd cousins, your grandma, the old ladies at church, and your therapist! Who doesn’t love a good card game? :)

designed Squiddie with steampunk elements for a friend who wanted it as a tattoo! She liked the white outline, but I think I prefer without it. Flat color just for kicks.

designed Squiddie with steampunk elements for a friend who wanted it as a tattoo! She liked the white outline, but I think I prefer without it. Flat color just for kicks.

derpy doodle of my two birds. 

My Lancer is now a barbarian. Best downgrade.